Antibacterial gel

Antibacterial gel

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1 liter bottle.

It is a cleaning and disinfectant gel formulated with an alcohol base. It provides disinfectant power against the most common germs, bacteria, fungi and yeasts in the environment, especially Escherichia coli, with a minimum contact time of 30 seconds, it eliminates 99.99% of bacteria.
It is a product designed for bacterial control on the hands of employees who handle either food or the raw materials used in the manufacture of edible products. It can be used frequently without risk of skin irritation and despite being alcohol-based, it does not leave residual odors after a few seconds of use.


For optimal results, use the Antibacterial Gel directly on the hands in small portions of 1- 2ml and rub the hands perfectly on both sides with each other for a period of time of at least 30 seconds. Wait for it to dry completely. For its dosage, mechanical dispensers can be used.


Store in cool areas away from sources of heat or ignition. The lid or cover of the container must be tight to the container to avoid decomposition or evaporation of its components.


Alcohol (70%), Deionized water, pH regulator, Acrylates copolymer, Emulsifying agents, Chelating agent, PCMX, Fragrance and paraben-free preservatives.

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