6 pcs green shampoo
6 pcs green shampoo
6 pcs green shampoo
6 pcs green shampoo

6 pcs green shampoo

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This pack contains:

6 pieces of Yeguada la Reserva Shampoo VERDE 1 lt. c/u

Presentation: Green | Net Content: 1 Lt


Water, Foam formers, Aloe vera, Thickeners, Conditioners, Proteins, pH, Preservatives, Moisturizing agents, Extract and Fragrance, Natural coloring.


- Grow new hair and renew the one you already have.
- Gives you softness and removes dryness from the scalp.
- Eliminates fat and seals ends.
- Strengthens and thickens your hair.
- Stops hair loss and gives you more volume.
- It works as a shampoo and rinse at the same time.
- Results from the first week of use.
- It is a 100% natural product.
- Use for all ages.

Green Shampoo

- Shampoo and Conditioner with Aloe Vera
- Light Revitalizing Actives
- Recommended for colored or damaged hair

- Apply to wet hair, massaging in the scalp and leave to act for 3 to 5 min. making sure it reaches the tips.

- Repeat if necessary.

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It is a brand of Mexican origin, which makes products with 100% natural ingredients and free of preservatives. Thanks to the combination of ingredients and their natural active ingredients, Yeguada la Reserva products NOURISH, STRENGTHEN and REVITALIZE hair to the ends.