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Yeguada la Reserva



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Shampoo and lotion for beard and mustache growth

BEARD & BEARD by Yeguada la Reserva


Benefits: Effective against dryness and excess oil in the beard and/or mustache; which are the main causes of hair loss. Does it strengthen the root of the hair. Relaxing properties due to its aroma. Does it favor the growth of a beard and mustache? Does it moisturize due to the natural vitamins it contains? Does it remove dandruff from the beard and mustache

How to use: Moisten the beard and/or mustache with warm water to open the pores and apply a generous amount by massaging the area with your fingertips. Rinse and if required repeat the operation. Apply to the entire area where you want to have a beard and/or mustache.


Benefits: Does it reinforce hair growth and thickening? since it contains the same active ingredient as the shampoo. Does it provide freshness and perfume. Method of use: After using the shampoo; on the dry beard and/or mustache, it is applied to the hands and applied without rinsing.

Note: *Abundant or more frequent use does not improve results. *Constant use is necessary to stimulate hair growth.

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