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Yeguada la Reserva

Shampoo Kit 1 lt. + Collagen 60 gr.

Shampoo Kit 1 lt. + Collagen 60 gr.

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Presentation: Black | Net Content: 1 Lt


Water, Foam formers, Aloe vera, Thickeners, Conditioners, Proteins, pH, Preservatives, Moisturizing agents, Extract and Fragrance, Natural coloring.


- Grows new hair and renews the one you already have.
- Gives you softness and removes dryness from the scalp.
- Eliminates fat and seals ends.
- Strengthens and thickens your hair.
- Stops hair loss and gives you more volume.
- Works as a shampoo and rinse at the same time.
- Results from the first week of use.
- It is a 100% natural product.
- Use for all ages.

Black Shampoo

- 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner
- Classic Yeguada La Reserva
- Recommended for all hair types

- Apply to wet hair, massaging the scalp hairy and leave to act for 3 to 5 min. ensuring that it reaches the ends.
- Repeat if necessary.

Collagen Yeguada La Reserva | Net Content: 60 gr.

It is formulated with thermal protection, when brushing giving conditioning, fixation and resistance to humidity for the hair. When we apply collagen to the hair, it is nourished by proteins, reaching the hair follicle, strengthening it and improving its appearance.

Contains Collagen, Vitamin E and Keratin

- Restores damaged hair
- Prevents dryness caused by the sun or the dryer
- Helps detangle hair
- Serves as a heat protector
- Rich aroma and texture
- Maximum softness.


- Daily application, apply as a cream to comb after bathing, with damp hair. Apply to ALL hair, TOTALLY AVOIDING the scalp.
- DO NOT rinse.
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