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Yeguada la Reserva

Shampoo Forte Men

Shampoo Forte Men

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  • Horse Shampoo for men Aloe FORTE for men FOR HUMAN USE. 100% original certified official product.
  • Presentation of 630 ml each bottle. Hair Care, Hair Loss Products, Hair Growth Shampoo.
  • BENEFITS: - Hair growth in areas where there is little. - Hair growth. - Reduces baldness. - · Reduces hair loss. - Effective against dandruff.
  • Have long, healthy hair with the unique formula of our Aloe Vera Forte Shampoo for Men. It stimulates hair growth in areas where there is little, reducing baldness.
  • Thanks to its natural ingredients, free of sulfates, chemicals and salts. Strengthens from root to tip helping to prevent hair loss and dandruff. It can serve as a beard stimulant.
  • How to use: Apply a generous amount of product to all previously dampened hair from roots to ends. Gently massage the entire scalp, leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. It is recommended not to combine it with another shampoo. 100% original product, 630ml.
  • Free of animal cruelty. Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, ALOE VERA EXTRACT, CHAMOMILE EXTRACT, ROSEMARY EXTRACT, panthenol coconut diethanolamine, CASTOR OIL, ALMOND OIL, OLIVE OIL, fragrance.
  • The unique formula of our Sabila Forte shampoo for Men, Yeguada la Reserva: - Stimulates hair growth - Reduces baldness - Prevents hair loss - Effective against dandruff.
  • At Yeguada la Reserva we are committed to taking care of your health. Therefore, our family of products are free of: -Animal cruelty. -Sulfates. -Chemicals. -You go out. -Parabens.
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