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Yeguada la Reserva

12 pcs yegualash

12 pcs yegualash

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- New eyelashes grow and lengthen the ones you already have
- Strengthen eyelashes
- Gives volume
- Growth of the eyebrow and gives it thickness
Results in 4 weeks of use.
Formula that does not irritate, since it does not contain parabens or salt, which are harmful to the skin.

Transform your eyelashes to the maximum!

Instructions for USE:

With your face washed, identify the eye area and dry it very well.

Using a small brush, place a small portion on a single swipe across brow or lash root like eyeliner.

Wait 1-3 minutes and continue with your normal beauty routine.
You can use your usual mascara afterwards without any problem, or go to sleep after applying it.

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